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à la Française


It's time to reveal who you are. Enhance your personality and find your je ne sais quoi. Know how to improve your style, work on your confidence.

It's not about fashion, it's all about style to allow yourself to express who you are and highlight your uniqueness.


"Fashion fades, only style remains the same." Gabrielle Chanel



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AUD$300 the service and from AUD$110 the membership

Wherever you live, Fren’Chic Touch can help you to French Up your Style. Oui oui ever online. You are always in the rush with work, family, house… You live overseas… but you definitely want to update your style and find your “je ne sais quoi”. With the flexibility of internet, you can French up your Style online. It’s like having your Style Consultant at home.


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Reinvent your style is certainly on of the best ways to stay in touch with your own person.

Make an appointment with Caroline to define your needs, goals and objectives, what makes you unique and how we can help you to find your je ne sais quoiThis programme guarantees you a total change with your style. With hairdresser, makeup artist and stylist, you are ready to change your life.



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4 hours - $590  (Possibility to arrange less hours - minimum 2 hours for $300)

Every morning you wonder how you’re going to dress, convinced that you have nothing to wear even if your wardrobe is full. You just don’t know how to mix your clothes. Caroline can help you to reinvent your wardrobe, move your habits, decide what to keep, what to toss and will assist you to find the perfect matches. Time for a dressing detox.


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3 hours - $420 (Complementary hour: $85)

Shop differently and learn how to shop like a real Parisian.

Caroline will give you French tips to know how to save money and build a stylish wardrobe. It is not about fashion, it’s all about your style.


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3 hours - $390 (Complementary hour: $95)

Wedding, Cocktail Party, Gala, important Interview, or you just want to impress for a glamorous and hot date?

You want to create a special effect but you still do not know which outfit is the best for this occasion. Caroline will help you to dress out and have the perfect je ne sais quoi.



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From $190 (3 workshops)

Choose the workshop you are interested in and find out all the tips to French up your style and highlight your je ne sais quoi. Share a very French time with your girlfriends or organise a workshop with Fren’Chic Touch for your team.


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French up your life


Who is Caroline?


This is the adventure of a Frenchwoman who has decided to expand her life after 10 years in the French event management industry. After a lot of travels, I decided to settle in Melbourne, the fashion city of excellence in Australia.



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